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Advanced surf lessonHave you hit a plateau? That happens to all of us! A good surf lesson is actually a wise investment that pays off in saved time and frustration. It’s also safer. Our team of pro’s take great joy in sharing local knowledge with our ‘next level’ customers.

Are you tired of getting ‘pitched’ at the take-off? Good wave judgement may take years to acquire; Why not use ours? On occasion, we’ve fixed problems that had surfers slapping themselves:).

All we ask is that you have good paddling skills, and a decent ‘pop-up’.

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Advanced Surfing Lessons – Specified Instruction for Your Improvement

Our instructors give the intermediate and advanced surfers more freedom, and focus expert attention on the areas of your surfing that you are looking to improve.

We can perfect mechanics, fix bad habits, tune up paddling and take offs, and teach ‘economy of strength and movement’, so that none of your precious energy is wasted. We also help you hone your surfer mentality, working with fears or plateaus, and refining your wave judgment and ability to read the ocean.

Lastly, we are happy to be a resource for your surfing endeavors and advise on locations, travel, and selecting proper equipment. Whatever your needs, we’ve established a terrific crew of surfing coaches with over a hundred years of combined surfing experience that love working with ‘next level’ surfers.

Let’s Surf at the Next Level

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The best season is autumn into winter. Your initial lesson is our normal price – $139 private/$99 group. After your initial lesson we can offer a discounted package price if you wish to continue with us.

Don’t settle for being a good surfer when you can be a great one.

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