Rental GoPro Cameras

You can now capture your own surfing video & photos with our board-mounted Hi-Def GoPro cameras! Your GoPro rental gets you close-up surfing action video of YOU, as well as still-photo selfies. You can keep our memory chip and adapter – watch and edit right on your phone!

GoPro Samples from Banzai Surf! on Vimeo.

Sam surfing GoPro photo

Capturing still shots (or ‘frame-grabs’) with your phone is as simple as pausing the video and taking a screen-shot!

GoPro Surfing Selfie

Surfing GoPro Napa Lacrosse

GoPro Surfing Photo 2

Gopro on surfboard

Addie 2014 GoPro Surfing lesson

Jaz Kaner surfing selfie